Sponsorship and Donation

Our company as part of the Chinese business union took on its CSR project with the Heritage of Faith & Hope Children’s Center. We made donations to the facility and offered sponsorships to some of the school-going children.

Our company donated a bouncing castle to our CSR project at Heritage of Faith & Hope Children’s Centre.

This is done with the aim of providing an additional income stream for the children’s home as they can rent it to the surrounding community for outdoor and children’s events. We are grateful for this chance to impact the children’s lives and the community around them.

We are grateful and humbled to be part of the new income project for Heritage of Faith & Hope Children’s Centre. We are glad to see the positive impact and growth that we have had on our CSR project.

The children’s home decided to name their events park as Heritage-Yasian events park, which caters to all social events by providing camping, catering, entertainment, etc. to its surrounding community

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