General Faq

Do you have delivery services?

Yes. We do delivery countrywide at a cost. (Terms and condition apply).

Do you do installation or have a company technician?

We don’t do installation but as a company we provide our customers with technician, who do the work. Installation payment is not done to the company but to the technician. Additionally, We have solar system/light technician who do the installation at a fee.

How long have you been in business?

Since year 2015.

Can I pay after delivery?

No. Our company’s policy is pay before delivery/supply.

Is the cost inclusive of delivery?

No. The cost is for product supply only.

Is the cost inclusive of installation?

No. Its only for product supply.

Are your goods imported or locally manufactured?

Most of our Products are imported e.g. Flooring. We have others which are locally manufactured e.g. Gutters.

Where are you located?

We are located at Yasian Interior Centre along Mombasa road, next to Liberty Plaza, directly opposite Imara mall.

Do you do after sales services?


What is the warranty on goods?

We have a minimum warranty period of 2years for all our products.

Do you do Retail and Wholesale?

We are a retail store.
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