Rigid Core SPC Floor 6mm- Vienna

Size: 1524*182*6mm
Coverage: 2.22m² per box

Unit: Sqm

Installation: Interlocking method.

Great for commercial and residential spaces


Rigid Core SPC Floor 6mm.

Discover the future of flooring with our award-winning cutting-edge SPC Flooring, where technology meets design in a perfect blend. Engineered with advanced precision, these surfaces promise a superior performance that stands out in the modern landscape. Opt for sustainability with our Invincible SPC options, ensuring a timeless solution that seamlessly integrates contemporary elegance into your living spaces. The robust construction of our Elite SPC flooring sets a pinnacle of quality, transforming your interiors into a showcase of innovation and sophistication. Step confidently into the world of durable and stylish ultra-modern flooring, where every detail reflects a commitment to excellence


Chemical Resistant
Water Resistant
Eco Friendly
Resistant To Stains
Easy Cleaning
Impact Resistant

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