On 15th December 2021, The management, led by our Managing Director Mr. James Pan, decided to do a staff training on employment law and rights of workers to educate the employees on various laws that protect their welfare.

We invited our company lawyer Mr. David who took us through laws and rights of workers. These laws include Constitution of Kenya 2010, Employment act, Work injury benefits act, Regulation of wages and Conditions of employment act and Trade unions act.

Through these laws, it entitles every worker to fair labour practices and guarantees every worker the rights to: Reasonable working conditions, Fair remuneration, Non-discrimination and Prohibition of sexual harassment

We were also taken through the details in every contract of service, Rights and duties in employment (Hours of work, Annual, Maternity and Sick leave) and Termination and Dismissal of an employee.

This was a successful training to our staff and we plan on learning more about the constitution. We appreciate the management for initiating this training.

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