Your living room is a special area in a home as it is where you receive your guests, its the first room that you come across as you get in to your space as well as the comon area where you and your family and friend get cozy and rest. In most homes Kenya livingrooms serves as movie rooms and the family room. You can improve your living space in the following ways.

Make your living room look taller and give it an illusion of being bigger, using curtain tracks to hang your curtains from your ceiling. Install the tracks right below your ceiling and above the window frame. You can also use curtain rods but you have to ensure the placement of the rods is high enough for that illusion of space. The curtains should also be from the top to the bottom to give that continuity of ceiling to floor.

Add character to your walls to bring out the aesthetics of the room. There are very many ways to do this, you could always look for a budget friendly option that is use of the wallpapers that are available in very many designs and bright colors to bring that pop of color and style in the room. If you are willing to spend or invest more in your space you can always settle for wall panels that have the feel and look of real wood to bring out that style and warmth in the room.

For a smaller room make sure to use less furniture to reduce the clutter in the space. You can always settle for less furniture or smaller pieces of furniture to maximize on the space without compromising the space available and the style. You can always settle for minimalistic furniture choices such as the foldable furniture that are very light weight and easy to put away if they are not in use. This saves space and the same time very stylish.

Have the perfect color scheme for the room not only on the walls but also the floors, curtains and furniture. While choosing the color for a small living room space it is advisable to go for the bright colors. Since pale and cool colors reflect light, paint colors such as bright white and light blue can create the illusion of a bigger space. Flooring can also completely change a room and make it a key feature at the same time. Having bright floors also create an illusion of a bigger space, you can choose to go with glossy or white tiles for the room or any options that work out the best for you.

Clear the clutter in the living space. If your living space is cluttered, the random stuff should be hidden away in the random drawer. Get rid of items that you no longer need, and find a new place to store the items. The living space should be a place where you can relax, clutter defeats the purpose of a living space that is relaxing and having that home feel. You can always invest in storage furniture that can double up as a seat or even table like a big trunk or an ottoman

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