Conimara Polyurethane(PU) cornice CM-16


Material: polyurethane

Size length: 2.4m

Width: 4 inches

Colour: white

Packaging: 52pcs per box


Cornices are the narrow moldings that cap the lines where the walls of a room meet the ceiling.


  1. Easy installation: The installation of polystyrene cornices is a really simple process. In fact, it is so easy, that it can be quickly and easily achieved as a simple DIY job. This is because polystyrene is really lightweight, easy to cut, glued into place, and it is flexible enough to ‘forgive’ surfaces that are not 100% straight.
  2. Versatile mounting surfaces: Since polystyrene cornices are installed using an adhesive glue, they can be successfully mounted onto a whole host of different surfaces, including concrete, wood, face brick, marble, tile, vinyl, steel, granite and plastic amongst many others. Also, easy to paint on.
  3. Highly durable: Polyurethane provides excellent thermal insulation, and it is inert, durable and highly resistant to water damage. In addition, it is flexible, which prevents it from breaking at the slightest impact. It is also resistant to damage caused by household pests, such as termites and moulds, for example, which allows it to last for years on end.
  4. Design variety: Polyurethane cornices are available in a wide variety of designs and styles, so there is something to suit any type of interior composition – from traditional to contemporary. In contrast to timber cornices that require multiple mouldings to create a layered structure, polystyrene cornices are available in a single piece of intricate design.
  5. Suitable for wet areas: As a material, polystyrene is resistant to damage caused by exposure to water and moisture, which makes them ideal for applications in wet areas throughout your home, such as the kitchen, bathroom, outdoor patios, basements and attics.