I.AFR Centre

The community around us has always been a part of us. that is why we are always keen on our CSR projects.  We as Yasian took on this new project. Led by our MD, our new CSR was the I.afrika Centre. We donated our PVC box profile YASIAN gutters for the new rehabilitation center.

I.AFRIKA Centre is a rehabilitation home that provides for the needs of street children in Nairobi.  We were moved by the initiative of the founders has touched the lives of the street children by giving them food, shelter, and a home.

We were touched by the goals of the founders to not only provide for the three basic necessities but also to provide refuge for the street boys through outreach, care and education. We feel honored to know we are improving the lives of the society around us, It was an honor for us to contribute to this great cause. 

Through Yasian pvc gutter donation, we are grateful that we have touched the lives of the rehabilitated street boys. 

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